Items and Equipment

Read this before trying to get some equipment. There is list of almost all useful items here (A lot of items is not listed). First of all, select the equipment you need from the list (it should match your level (you can use items which are 10 level higher than yours) and alignment). Almost after item description there is a note on where you can find this item (it can be a mob or just general area). If there is no such note you can ask some high-level spell-caster to locate the item for you. If you think that you can't get the item by yourself - ask someone more powerful.

You can also download all this eq info in one zip archive - (58.9 Kb).

There is also the equipment database collected by Fnord - It has a lot of nicely assorted information, but I don't know how to add it to my site yet. Just download and use it as the Excel table if you want. I guess I will figure it out soon and make it one database.

Armor (420):
- [worn on arms](22).
- [worn about body](40).
- [worn on feet](39).
- [worn on hands](27).
- [worn on head](52).
- [worn on legs](31).
- [worn around neck](47).
- [worn as shield](38).
- [worn on torso](68).
- [worn about waist](25).
- [worn around wrist](29).

Weapon (289):
- Axes(25).
- Daggers(62).
- Exotics(30).
- Flails(10).
- Maces(49).
- Polearms(16).
- Spears(18).
- Staves(5).
- Swords(68).
- Whips(16).

Misc (87):
- [floating nearby](12).
- [held](13).
- [worn as light](27).
- [worn on finger](33).

Spellups (125):
- Pills(20).
- Potions(31).
- Scrolls(22).
- Staves(20).
- Wands(29).
- Warpstones(3).

Furniture (35):
- Boats(1).
- Containers(22).
- Furniture(4).
- Drink contaners(8).

TOTAL: 949 items.